About The Author

Robert J. Fortin’s rich background in the fields of science and management with international corporations provides a unique perspective on how scientific projects are started, funded and carried out and the effect of potential profits on corporate decisions.

Following graduation from the University of Rhode Island with an Engineering degree, Mr. Fortin was assigned to the Far East with the U.S. Marine Corps, as an Intelligence Officer and as a Battery Commanding Officer.

During his Engineering career he was responsible for evaluating systems on jet aircraft, turbine helicopters and nuclear-powered submarines. Moving into corporate Management, he served as an officer and a director of publicly-held and private corporations in the fields of medical electronics and marine science. In addition to writing fiction, Fortin has been a consultsnt to Fortune 500 corporations. He has resides in Central Florida and enjoys spending time sailing and with friends and family.

For further information, please go to his web site RobertJFortin.com.