Reader Reviews

5 out of 5 stars!I am an avid reader and really enjoyed this book. It is like nothing I have ever read before. The premise is so unique it kept my interest from beginning to end! It’s not a formula book. The story is fiction … or is it? We know that science has cloned animals. It’s possible they could introduce other DNA into a human in the efforts to cure illness, make us stronger or to modify behaviour. A Great Ride! ~ Deborah E.

“I fell in love with the characters in this book, their ups and downs and how they handled their new-found youth. This is a book that keeps you intrigued. It is well written and a true joy to read.” ~ Jan Norris

“The opening knocked my socks off. Great read!” ~ Ben Turlov

“Easy to read and very suspenseful at times. Good character and plot development. I especially recommend Eve’s Children to anyone interested in tales of genetics and research.” ~ Paula Lichiello

“I started reading it and couldn’t put it down.”~ J. Mercer

“Eve’s Children is a wow! I had to read it carefully to not miss any of the plots and sub-plots—a fantastic job—am looking forward to the sequel.” ~ F. R. Hill

“Cutting edge genetic research and therapy provides an intriguing plot. It captured my imagination and I couldn’t put down this fascinating tale of hope and despair, wealth and greed, life and death.” ~ J. G. Smith

“Eve’s Children was outstanding! There was an interesting scientific theory, coupled with delicious suspense and a romance. The elements blend together to make this book unforgettable.” ~ V. Piziak, M.D.

“A great beach read.” ~ N. D. Dixon

“Well written and a true joy to read.” ~ Rhonda Keistler

“A grand romp from laboratory to hot tub and from Oxford to the Swiss Alps. There’s something in Eve’s Children for everyone, especially those who expect to grow old someday.” ~ Web’s Best Advice